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In addition to the revenue offered through the Google AdSense revenue sharing program, we offer several gifts and cash awards to active members who post valuable content to this site.

Cash awards will be accummulated and will be paid to you in the form of demand draft or bank transfer when it reaches the minimum pay out amount.

If your earnings are less Rs 50, it may not appear here.

See the frequently asked questions and payment instructions.

If you have any questions about this program, please post your message in our forum.

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Member NameNumber of GiftsCash CreditsPaymentsBalance
Latha Jayaprakash22Rs 16757Rs 16757Rs 0
RajmiArun20Rs 22192Rs 24000Rs -1808
Sangeeta Sanjay Chaubal11Rs 7280Rs 6916Rs 364
vk11Rs 1520Rs 1500Rs 20
Sree.....8Rs 2350Rs 2350Rs 0
Shreshtha7Rs 2185Rs 2185Rs 0
bharath7Rs 3796Rs 5000Rs -1204
Lakshmi S6Rs 232Rs 0Rs 232
amzad basha6Rs 924Rs 0Rs 924
RAJESH.R6Rs 245Rs 0Rs 245
Mrs Sabita Barman6Rs 2223Rs 1900Rs 323
Arun Kumar Saanam5Rs 1487Rs 1200Rs 287
Safvan P5Rs 484Rs 0Rs 484
Rahim Khan5Rs 37Rs 0Rs 37
Hafeezur Rahman P5Rs 98Rs 0Rs 98
sudhersana5Rs 437Rs 0Rs 437
Avi4Rs 143Rs 0Rs 143
Nitin4Rs 152Rs 0Rs 152
Aira4Rs 407Rs 0Rs 407
Ankush Das4Rs 251Rs 0Rs 251
Nikhil4Rs 39Rs 0Rs 39
Sameera M4Rs 556Rs 0Rs 556
Dr. Sanjeev (Sandy)4Rs 140Rs 0Rs 140
sasikala4Rs 276Rs 0Rs 276
Chitra Rana3Rs 24Rs 0Rs 24
chandra sekhar3Rs 60Rs 0Rs 60
Rekha William3Rs 37Rs 0Rs 37
ragav.c.s3Rs 17Rs 0Rs 17
Seemark3Rs 98Rs 0Rs 98
RK3Rs 242Rs 0Rs 242
Roshan Salim3Rs 219Rs 0Rs 219
m.v. subba raju3Rs 60Rs 0Rs 60
Rakesh3Rs 353Rs 0Rs 353
Ram Anand3Rs 6Rs 0Rs 6
ravikant3Rs 20Rs 0Rs 20
Faizan Ahmad3Rs 32Rs 0Rs 32
Dr. Apurva Tamhane3Rs 26Rs 0Rs 26
Ankita Bhattacharjee3Rs 91Rs 0Rs 91
Sunil Saharan2Rs 7Rs 0Rs 7
bineeta2Rs 106Rs 0Rs 106
alok saxena2Rs 8Rs 0Rs 8
Ankit Das2Rs 18Rs 0Rs 18
Ajay Patel2Rs 16Rs 0Rs 16
amit2Rs 675Rs 675Rs 0
shaik firoz basha2Rs 26Rs 0Rs 26
fuaad2Rs 19Rs 0Rs 19
dinesh reddy2Rs 5Rs 0Rs 5
sobha wilson2Rs 11Rs 0Rs 11
Shanthi M2Rs 33Rs 0Rs 33
Deepak Kumar Govind2Rs 3Rs 0Rs 3

Total Cash Credits: Rs 66,423.00

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