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If you are looking for best pressure for your car and home, i would recommend Bosch AQT 35-12 which is the best of its kind for daily home use.

Product Name: Bosch AQT 35-12
Category: Pressure Washers
Price: Rs 9288

The Bosch home and car washer helps you do a quick and efficient cleaning job. Its 3-in-1 nozzle designed for a wide variety of cleaning jobs. Also, the sturdy wheels and easy-fold handle make this a portable device. Moreover, the quick-connect fittings help you save time while changing nozzles. With an integrated accessories holder, this Bosch pressure washer is a very handy device.

Technical data:
Rated Power: 1500W
Supply Temperature max. : 40 degree celcius
Maximum Flow Rate: 350L/hr
Maximum Pressure: 120Bar
Cable Length: 5m
Hose Length: 5m
Machine Weight: 5.53kg

3-in-1 nozzle with quick-change fittings
Easy-fold handle and sturdy wheels for better portability
Integrated accessories holder
Auto-stop system to save water
Detergent dosing system
Water filter for efficient cleaning

Additional features

Cleaning your hatchback or a sedan after a long drive or removing accumulated stain and dirt from BBQs may became a hectic task. The AQT 35-12 high-pressure washer from Bosch provides a multi-purpose solution for these challenging outdoor cleaning jobs. Henceforth you will wish to clean them using this revolutionary high pressure car washer in less time with minimal effort.

An extensive range of accessories enables multiple cleaning task to be mastered with ease. Let’s get started with the AQT 35-12 high pressure washer.

What is in the Kit?
High-pressure Gun: The red button with which we can lock the trigger that controls the whole mechanism such as the flow of water, change of modes, etc.

High-pressure Hose: This 5m hose connects the washer and pressure gun. When the trigger is on, water flows into the lance for cleaning.

Lance: It is the trigger gun extension that helps user to clean without moving the washer every then and now.

Soap Dispenser Pipe: The soap dispenser pipe is inserted behind the washer. The user can simply pull it out and place it in the container with the detergent.

3-in-1 Nozzle: Three different modes, i.e. rotary, fan-jet and a low pressure detergent intake are integrated in this nozzle.

Transparent Water Filter: The water filter helps in easy maintenance and also pump protection is carried out.

Power Cable: A 5m power cable connects this equipment with the power supply system.

Remove Heavy Dirt from a Sedan/ Hatchback:
Maintenance of vehicles from dirt and mud is a usual cleaning task that everyone comes across. AQT 35-12 high pressure washer is the perfect equipment for such cleaning processes with minimal effort, time, water and energy. Since it is very handy and light, everyone can work with this high pressure washer without much effort.

Cleaning Bathroom Tiles:
Bathroom tiles have stubborn stains such as accumulation of limescale mixed with soap and dirt on them which is hard to remove with usual cleaning tactics. AQT 35-12 pressure washer with its 350 l/h flow rate will ease your job, ensuring less consumption of water and time.

Cleaning BBQs:
Removing the burn stains from excess food and grease at the cook box and grates of your BBQs are hectic jobs as they consume much time. If you own Bosch’s AQT 35-12 home and car washer, this will not be a difficult task at all as this high pressure washer is designed accordingly where it take less than half the time as compared to manual cleaning.

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